International Accreditations

International Accreditators

International Association of Educators For World Peace (affiliated with U.N. – ECOSOC, UNICEF & UNESCO)

International Union for Health Promotion & Educuation (affiliated to WHO)

The International Council for Health Freedom, USA

Centre for Frontier Sciences , Temple University , USA

East West University of Holistic Health Sciences, USA

World Federation of Holistic Life & Medicine, Italy

International Research Institute for Natural Medicines, Japan

Sohaku-in-Foundation for Oriental Medicine, Brazil

International Institution of Traditional Medicines, Malaysia

Indiana Institute for Complementary Medicines, Indianapolis, USA

Vedic University of America, USA

Brazilian Academy of Oriental Science

Reflexology Academy of Southern Africa, South Africa

Therapeutica Holistica, Mexico

Integrity Research Foundation, New Zealand

Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness and Light Institute of Galisteo , USA

International Institute for Preventive Medicine, Netherland Antilles

The Australasian College of Herbal Studies

World Association of Integrated Medicines, Netherlands

Indian Committee of NGOs for United Nations

Anderland Forum for Encounter & Communication, Germany

A.S.A.M. University, Rome, Italy

Canadian Medical Acupuncture Society, Edmonton, Canada

Japanese society of Integrative Medicines, Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary & Traditional Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

Subtle Energy Association of Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Institute for Holistic Health Care & ,Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

The Spiritual Centre of Siam, Thailand

Academy of Holistic Health Care Professionals, Japan

The National Foundation for Alternative medicines, U.S.A.

Australian College of Chi-Reflexology, New South Wales, Australia

Bangladesh Unani Ayurvedic Pharmacist Association, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Agita Munda Network

International Yoga Federation

New World Educational Federation

Australian Integrative Medicine Association