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The Best Herbal and Homeopathic Antibiotics and Antiviral Remedies

People always used herbs and other products of nature as efficient way of dealing with inflammation, bacterial and viral infections and as disease-prevention - for strenghtening immunity.

The first modern antibiotic, famous Penicilin, is actually product of nature, it is derived from Penicillium funghi that is common kind of mold that grows on bread and fruit and it was in use as a part of folk medicine for centuries before was officialy discovered by Scotish scientist Robert Flamming in 1928.

Discovery of Penicillin was very important for the improving health of humanity - this antibiotic helped so many people to get cured from, up till then, non-curable diseases - especially gonorrhea, syphilis, meningitis, diphtheria, rheumatoid fever, pneumonia and Staphylococcus's infections - Penicillin saved very many lives.

In the meantime, things went in the wrong direction - when Penicillin was invented it was meant to be used for very serious health conditions only, but very soon people started to misuse it and overuse it, so many bacterias developed resistance on Penicillin and many people became allergic. Over the years many new other antibiotics were invented, that also have very serious side-effects Penicillin never had, and medical experts started to prescribe them literally for every condition that might include some infection or inflammation .

Today many people consume various antibiotics on the same way they eat candies and start to take them in the earliest childhood, usually without any need, as result their immune system becomes very week while not getting chance to fight infection on it´s own. Today we can find all sorts of antibiotics in all meats and diary products that are given to the cattle against infections. No wonder why so many people suffer from immunodefficiency.Officials from the USA National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control have reported that the overuse of antibiotics in medicine has created a real epidemic of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, so today antibiotics are not helpful as they are supposed to be.

There are two types of antibiotics:

■that ones which are derived from the living organisms - like Penicillin or aminoglycosides
■and syntetic ones, as the sulfonamides, quinolones, oxazolidinones
Synthetic antibiotics have much more serious side effects on the body then the first group that is derived from the natural sources, and are much more risky for use.

Most common side effects of antibiotics - are gastrointestinal problems and yeast outgrow that is not possible to control. Weakness of immunity is also common side-effect, so you become more vulnerable on other infections. Many people develop chronic fatigue after misuse of antibiotic.. They also kill all good bacteria you have in the body, and through that cause major weekness of all inner organs. Antibiotics are very toxical for the liver.

In so many cases, pure natural alternatives give us the best option to fight all sorts of infections we get during the life. Immune system needs some challenges to become stronger and develop antibodies, natural methods help immune system to quickly solve problem with infections without causing any side-effects. Medical antibiotics should stay reserved for the serious health conditions only and should never be taken more often then every two years. Even if you really need them, you should ask your Dr to prescribe you those medical antibiotics that are derived from natural sources and avoid syntetic ones if possible.

Antibiotics should be always used together with probiotics, that strenghten your beneficial bacterial population you need to be healthy, so they will cause less damage to the body. It would be also wisely if antibiotics are needed, to combine them with natural cures and continue with natural cures after use of antibiotics.

Herbal Antibiotics

Herbal antibiotics are extremely powerful.

There is story from history of herbal antibiotics - in medieval Europe, plague was common killer. There was no cure, not effective profilaxe known, people were dying one after another by deadly infection. Some of them managed to survive, among them there were four thieves in France who were robbing bodies of death or dying ones whithout any fear of plague while being completely protected with all sorts of antibiotic herbs - they consumed them and also soaked their clothes in the mixture of the same herbs. The magical herbs they used as anti-plague remedy were lavender, thyme, rosemary, sage and garlic).

There are certain rules with use of herbs as antibiotics:

■they should be used as soon as problem arises, not when infection already became too serious
■herbal antibiotics should be also used as prevention, not only for treatment, on that way one might never need to use medical antibiotics
■it is very important that one listens his body well so is able to adjust dosage of herbs to the real needs of the body
■not everyone reacts well on all herbs - what is cure for one person it is not necessarily the cure for somebody else.

Sage (Salvia Officinalis) is one of the mightiest herbal antibiotics that in addition has strong antiseptic and antiviral properties. Sage has bitter taste, but adding sugar or honey solves the problem. This magnificent herb was in medieval time called "heals all", and is very helpful in healing so many health conditions - and especially as main remedy or support in treating all bacterial and viral infections as well as antiinflammation remedy.

For healing infections it can be used as tea, prepared as syrup or extract, alone or in combination with some other herbs. It can also be applied on skin for treating the skin infections and wounds.

Garlic As Antibiotic

Garlic is also well -known and very powerfull natural antibiotic that has strong antiviral properties. Adding garlic to regular meals, prevents so many diseases and infections. Dosage for healing infections can be more then 10 cloves per day (cut on small pieces or as juice). Because of smell, many people decide to use it in caplets. It is great for treating all bacterial and viral conditions. It cleans blood, strenghtenes immunity and improves intestinal health what no syntesized antibiotic would ever do.

Garlic lowers the blood pressure, so for people who have to low BP garlic is not nessessarly the ideal solution.

List of other herbal antibiotic is very long:

Some of the most known are:

■Olive leaf - very strong antibacterial and antiviral remedy.
■grapefruit seeds
to name only few.

Nature is so full of gifts that are here to help us.

Homeopathic Antibiotics

Homeopathy knows very many remedies that work much quicker and better then any known antibiotic, much quicker then any herb, while not causing any possible side-effect, only improvement. There is group homeopathic of remedies called nosodes that are prepared exactly from the bacteria, viruses or other parasits they need to treat (very dilluted and potensized what gives them the big strength) and they can target and reasonably quickly destroy any harmful microorganism in human body.

Most usually they need to be mixed with other homeopathic remedies for improving immunity, and more general ones for treating the infections and inflammation (like f.E the remedy Gunpowder) to be fully successfull. There are also homeopathic remedies, that are derived from various antibiotics, without any side-effects, and that can be included in healing. The trick of success in homeopathics as antibiotics is also in adequate potency and in needed dosage - many people need higher dosages then some homeopaths usually recommend and certainly more then one remedy in order to have full effect in healing. Not everyone needs the same dosage, potency strength, neither the same remedies. Positive attitude towards healing is also needed, as well as one´s life-style needs to be adjusted to support the healing process and not to work against it.

Homeopathics can be used as cure from side-effects of regular antibiotic use or misuse and be taken together with medical antibiotics to neutralize their side-effects. They can be taken together with herbs - they are able to tremendously improve healing. They can be used as prevention against infectious diseases (prophylaxes ) - what medical antibiotics never should be used for (!).

Psychology of Infections and Inflammations - Influence of Emotions on Immune System

Many infections and inflammations people develop in the body have various causes underneath like:

■low immunity because of unhealthy style of life, misuse of medications, unhealthy food full of hormones and antibiotics etc.
■psychological cause - prolonged inflammation or infection that is constantly repeating and never healed is most often connected with inner dissatisfaction with some other aspects of life (job, relationship, unhealed traumas etc.). If psychological cause is not understood, such type of inflammation or infection cannot be healed for good - nor with natural cures neither with antibiotics.
■fear from micro-organisms and belief that they are always more powerful then human immune system . This fear killed many people then any disease itself, especially mass hysteria caused by some new or old virus or bacteria.
When somebody is not content with life - doors to diseases are widely open. People are frightened from bacterias, viruses, parasites and other microorganisms, and tend to forget that good immunity is product of inner balance and bad one is product of stress and lack of love.

One of the most important organs that works for immune system is - endocrine gland thymus, which is located in the chest, two inches above the heart . This little gland helps body to produce all needed antibodies for healing infectious diseases. But this endocrine gland is highly sensitive on feelings - the truth is that thymus can work only when we are content and feel love. If not, thymus does not perform it´s duty at all.

This tricky and highly sensitive gland was researched form scientists and there were for many years convinced that thymus can work only in young people, and that it´s activity naturally stops some time after puberty. Of course, research was performed only on ill people, otherwise this would mean that after puberty none of us is able to create enough of antibodies,or none at all, but findings of research certainly misguided scientists, who also did not research influence of stress, feelings and traumatic events on human body and it´s functions. Due to the such type of researches, they started to treat thymus as more or less useless, and encouraged them to continue to develop much stronger medications in order to kill all possible microorganisms, instead of letting body to develop natural defence systems.

Infections are caused by the fact that body is not able to develop antibodies to the microorganisms - what bring us back to the thymus.

Every type of immunodeficiency (what means - low immunity) starts with inability of thymus to produce cells that kill micro-enemies of the body:

■If thymus does not work, microorganisms win the battle.
■if thymus works well, infection or inflammation are short and they finish on their own because antibodies are developed, or so often there is no infection or inflammation at all.
As any endocrine gland - thymus is sensitive on hormones we produce, and hormones are - FEELINGS. Well, everyone who is in love knows that love brings health and protects from any illness.

Although for self-defence of the body thymus is of main importance, immune system is connected with health of all endocrine glands (including liver and spleen), nerves that are everywhere in the body (even in the intestines), health of blood and lymphatic system but all good or bad that happens in human body is influenced by power that our emotions and thoughts have on our health. As mentioned before, our hormones are literally our feelings and all important body communication is performed exclusively through the hormones . They are messengers to the body who give orders to it´s organs - "do this", " do not do that", "work stronger", "take the rest", "be healthy", "destroy yourself" - if we are constantly full or fear, anger, stress and dissatisfaction, we push our body and immune system to work against us, because imbalanced hormones created by our negative attitudes and feelings bring destructive messages to the body.

Microorganisms are not enemies they kill us - we are the ones who help them to do that and give them the power they do not have. If we are afraid of them - we send messages to the body that there are stronger that natural defence of the body, so body immediately gives up the battle against them and start with self-destruction by letting microorganisms to invade all cells and body organs.

Our psychological mechanisms have exclusive influence on health of our bodies, so if we let ourselves to be led by love for ourselves and not by fear from micro-organisms, we will be able to choose our cures wisely.

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