Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reiki Symbols and Meanings

Reiki is an energy therapy that was developed by Mikao Usui - a Japanese Buddhist monk in 1922. It is a alternative medicine practice that uses a technique called palm healing which is said to transfer energy or qi through the body.

When used during a Reiki session, Reiki symbols are said to enhance the flow of certain life energy (depending on the symbol used) and also open higher levels of spirituality and awareness.

Most practitioners will say that all the Reiki symbols and their meanings are sacred because they originate from the ancient Sanskrit language which is said to be the language of the spirits.

Before a session of attunement the symbol is meditated on to increase the metaphysical energies that the symbol represents before 'drawing' it onto the patient.

The Reiki Symbols and their Meanings

The four main Reiki Master Symbols and meanings used are:

Cho Ku Rei - The Power Symbol
Cho: Connect the
Ku: Power, Energy with
Rei: The Soul, The Universe, The Unity

This symbol represents power and will help with general body healing. When used during a treatment it can increase the energy flow to various parts of the body.
You can also use this symbol to clear the energy from a room or space (if you feel that there are negative energies in the area), or give extra power to other tools such as crystals and food.

Sei He Ki - The Mental and Emotional Symbol
Sei: I Point
He: the Bow, Arrow to
Ki: Live-force, Light, Awareness

This strange symbol represents balance and emotions and is used for healing emotional and mental health problems. It is great for patients with depression, addictions, relationship problems and anger.
It promotes a lightness of being and calmness of the soul.

Distance and Mental Symbol
Hon = Spirit, Source, Origin, Universe
Sha = Mind, Surviving
Ze = Space, Be, Being
Sho = Feeling, Emotions
Nen = Consciousness, Body, Attention

This symbol is used for healing that must be performed over a large distance in the case where the patient is not with the Reiki healer.
It can travel through space which makes it a great symbol for karmic healing.

Dai Ko Myo - The Master Symbol
Dai Ko Myo - “great shining light”, “great luminous shining”, “great enlightenment”

The Dai Ko Myo symbol represents wisdom and power. This symbol is used to awaken a higher power or purpose within the individual or patient.
It's the strongest and most powerful of all the Reiki symbols and can replace any of the others as needed. Most Reiki masters will use this with all their work to receive more power.