Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bach Flower Remedies: Heather And Self-Obsession

The Bach flower remedy Heather is the essence of sympathy and concern for others so you know that when a person is completely the opposite of this, he needs Heather and he needs it badly. You’ll know when this flower essence is needed because the self obsession is so obvious. I, me and myself in thought, word and deed is what characterizes these people. Most of us know people like this and they are usually never counted as belonging to one’s friends circle.

He can talk and talk and then talk some more. He never stops and it is always about himself. He’ll come into a group at a party or get together and he’ll very quickly hijack the conversation and steer it towards himself. He hates being alone and he loves company basically because he wants a listening ear. He loves being the centre of attention and if people quietly slip away from the group he is monopolizing, he’ll look around for a new group to bore. They tend to make a nuisance of themselves and have been known to physically hold on to you to make a point and you need to be really rude before they let go. Heather makes listeners out of these compulsive talkers.

His mind revolves around himself. He judges and sees everything from that perspective. He likes to dominate with words and he cannot think that everyone around him will not be interested in him and everything that concerns him. The gamut of his interests is himself, his work, his possessions and he just can’t see beyond that. All that he reads and thinks has something to do with him and this makes him exaggerate his successes as well as his failures. This self-obsession also makes him stretch the truth a bit, not really in a willful, lying manner but because he always makes himself to be more important than he is and this can change his memories.

He gets terribly upset and hurt when he finds that people shun him and he honestly cannot understand why. There is something rather simple and child like about him even when he is so self centred. In all fairness, he will help someone who needs help but he will also talk about it to everyone making it out that he is a hero. This makes him an emotional drain for anyone he comes into contact with. Heather takes away this ‘I’ factor and makes him empathise more with people.

He is too self-obsessed to ever give himself over to a higher power. He sees himself as the centre of the universe not as one of its creatures and this makes it hard for him to be very spiritual in the true sense of the word. His universe is small and comprises everything around with him as the centre. Heather makes him relax and see the beauty of everything around, feel the beauty within his soul apart from himself.