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Homeopathy for day to day Problems!

To err is human and we all commit many errors in our day to day life, the result of which is bodily and mental discomforts that we may encounter. Every person is the author of his health, as rightly said. Similarly every person can be a care-taker of his own body and health with mild homeopathic medicines. Yes, homeopathy can always be thought as the primary mode of therapy for smaller problems at home. Certainly one needs to know about homeopathic philosophy and principles before one starts prescribing even for family members and others.

But with practice and in-depth reading of homeopathic material medica, one can safely use homeopathic medicines, especially while traveling, at night when the doctor’s help cannot be sought, etc. This is obviously true in case of minor problems. For major ones, it is better to visit doctor as soon as possible.

Here are some of the problems for which you can help yourself-

(1) Minor cuts and bruises-
Calendula- For minor cuts and bruises this medicine prepared from Marigold is truly the powerful healing agent. Give a single dose internally and you can also go for local application in case of cut. If you are using tincture, make sure you dilute it with water before using locally.
Arnica- For cuts and bruises where the internal blow is prominent with soreness of the part; Arnica Montana is the remedy that tops the list. Arnica is a very powerful remedy also to stop excess bleeding and to prevent hematoma in case of mild to moderate head injury as well. In any case of head injury, Arnica is the baseline remedy that must be given in high potency as far as possible, to avoid future complications.
Ruta- for sprains, this is the remedy to be thought after Arnica. Wrist and ankle sprains top the list, along with sore bruised pain.
Rhus tox- This is one of the most frequently indicated remedy for sudden sprains due to reaching for high objects or lifting heavy weights. One also needs to differentiate between Bellis perennis while treating sprains due to lifting heavy weights. Pelvic soreness due to lifting heavy weights goes more in favor of Bellis perennis.

(2) Minor eye problems-
Euphrasia- Mild or moderate conjunctivitis that feels better in open air calls for Euphrasia.Bland coryza (cold) and acrid lachrymation (burning eye discharge) are the key symptoms.
Symphytum- Blow to the eyeballs leading to black eye is the key symptom of Symphytum. You will notice positive change within a single dose too fast.
Ruta- Eyestrain with headache and painful hot eyes due to reading fine print or sewing, etc calls for Ruta. Bruised sensation and weariness of eyes are to be noted. Differentiate between Argentum nitricum though. Ruta is aggravated from cold, while Argentum aggravated by warmth, so you have the point to differentiate.

(3) Spasmodic dysmenorrhea-
Mag phos- This is the chief remedy as far as mere pain in abdomen is concerned. For immediate relief, you can even try Mag phos 12X, tablets, dissolved in warm water. You may enhance the potency if sure of the similimum. ‘The girl bends forwards to press the abdomen to feel better’ is Mag phos.
Viburnum opulus- This is one of the rarely thought but frequently indicated remedy for sudden onset of spasmodic dysmenorrhea. Very scanty offensive menses with crampy pains running down the thighs indicated Vib op.
Belladona- Suddenly increasing and lessening pain goes in favor of Belladona. Hot, offensive, bright red and profuse bleeding is characteristic.

(4) Colds-
Sabadilla- When the symptoms are acute and sneezing is profound, Sabadilla is the choice of remedy. Watery and profuse nasal discharge is characteristic.
Dulcamara- Windy weathers and rains leading to coryza may call for Dulcamara. Dryness of nasal mucus membrane despite having colds is characteristic. Wants to cover the nose to keep it warm!
Belladona- When the symptoms are acute after the localization, Belladona may be indicated. The person goes in rains or cold weathers and catches up cold with dryness itchy throat the next day; Belladona is the remedy many times. Headache and feverishness associated with colds and suddenness of symptoms are to be noted.
Hepar sulph- Usually indicated after 2 to 3 days of starting cold and cough. Rawness of throat is the chief symptom that gets aggravated by least cold. Just a single dose acts as anti-infectant in most cases.

(5) Cough-
Spongia- Dry irritating cough with breathlessness calls for Spongia. Night aggravation must be considered and give just a single dose.
Ipecac- If there is sputum production with irritating cough with clean tongue but nauseating feeling, Ipecac may be of help.
Antim tart- In children where there is chest congestion with excessive sweating and sour food aggravation, Antim tar is of help. Especially when the child gets cough after eating sour citrus fruit, Antim tar is the remedy in many cases. If the chest is wheezy and cold aggravates, Antim ars may be thought.
Drosera- Excessively irritating cough that ends in vomiting may need Drosera. It is a very potent remedy indicated even in whooping cough. Give just a single dose in 30C potency and see the marvelous results when indicated.

(6) Constipation-
Nux vomica- Distended abdomen after meals with ineffectual urging for stools calls for Nux vomica. Patient wants to go for stools recurrently without satisfactory feeling after defecation calls for Nux. There might be associated hyperacidity without the actual vomiting.
Bryonia- Dry hard stools absolutely without an urge to stools calls for Bryonia. Assiciated with excessive thirst.
Magnesium mur- Constipation in infants and children. Knotty scanty stools in children during dentition calls for Mag mur.
Plumbum- Should be considered in chronically constipated. Hard, lumpy, black stools with spasm of anus. Constricted feeling at anus calls for Plumbum.

(7) Diarrhea-
Nux vom- It may be surprising for beginners in homeopathy that Nux vomica is one of the chief remedies for both constipation and diarrhea. The principle symptom is the unsatisfactory urging to stools. And upon this very symptom, this remedy can be used for both the problems.
Aloe soc- Watery stools after beer consumption and they are so forcibly passed that at times passed without notice.
Pulsatilla- Rich fatty food leading to diarrhea with rumbling in abdomen calls for Pulsatilla. Fruits aggravate during diarrhea or they may be the cause. Stools of varied colors.
Chamomilla- Esecially indicated in children when the child has excessively offensive, greenish, watery stools with crampy pain in abdomen. Extreme irritability must be looked for before prescribing.
Croton tig- Summer diarrheas with nausea and forcible yellow stools calls for Croton tig. Better on taking hot water is the principle indication.
Podophyllum- Profuse watery stools with prostration may need Podophyllum. During dentition too it is indicated when no two stools are alike.

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